How am I celebrating World Cancer Day?

melanomaHow will I celebrate World Cancer Day?

1. Well, I woke up before my alarm clock again today. I think it was around 3:40 a.m.

2. I got ready and shaved. The water was cold and the blade drug across my face dully. My eyes popped open from the shock of the cold water.

3. I noted my fading scar on my back as I put on my workout clothes. I sleepily traced my finger down it slowly, remembering what it stands for.

4. I drove in to town and did a really tough workout. I felt my lungs burn and my heart beat rapidly in my chest. I felt alive.

5. I noted the slight hint of a sunrise illuminating the gray blanket of clouds over Jackson. I said thank you for another day.

5. I texted my wife about picking up the kids. Domestic bliss.

6. I wrote a blog about working out. I am writing this one. It feels good to express myself.

7. I went to work.

8. Now that I am here, I will draw a cartoon, go to the bank and pick up some books from the warehouse.

9. Later today, I’ll pick my kids up from school and get them started on homework.

9. Then I’ll drive to Wesson in thunderstorms to speak to their chamber banquet tonight.

10. I’ll come home and my head will hit the pillow after a long, long day.

But as I close my eyes, I’ll be thankful I survived melanoma and will pray for a cure. And I’ll remember my friends and loved one who haven’t been as blessed as I have been. I’ll honor their memories and keep them alive in my heart.

I’m going to celebrate World Cancer Day by just have a plain ol’ average day. And that normalcy is the greatest gift of all.



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