Fit to Fat Blog: Day 10 Listening to the scale

My pants fit a little better. The scale told me this morning I’m down six pounds. I don’t normally listen to the scale, but since my pants seem to be in agreement, I’ll be joyous this morning. My workout was just as hard as normal this morning. But I did certain parts of it easier this time than I did two weeks ago. That’s called progress. I like progress.

My goal is to see the south side of 200 lbs. I’m six feet and an inch, so that’d be a good weight for my height. I am not tackling running backs anymore — it has been nearly 32 years since I did that. My ultimate goal is to live each day to the most — and that requires me to take care of my heart, lungs, brain and everything else.

My feet were on the chip tray. I was in a plank position and I propelled myself 20 yards. I had 145 lbs. on the bar and I was doing three sets of 10 bench presses. I did burpees and ran up and down stairs. I did even more exercises that left me worn out. I came home and had a delicious protein shake.

My pants fit a little better. The scale told me it was because I’m making good decisions. I think I’ll listen to my scale more often.

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