Never Quit

Let me start this by stating this: I am not a New England Patriots fan. Nor am I a Tom Brady fan. I have the same issues with them as I do with Barry Bonds — the whole asterisk thing. Last night was like Luke missing and the Death Star blowing up Yavin 4. It’s hard to pull for the Empire. That said, I think last night was a darn good lesson for all of us:

Don’t quit until it is over.

I have respect for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady for what they did last night. They could have laid down at halftime. They could have quit and said, “Well maybe next year.” They didn’t. They fought back and got the ring.

Football is a great metaphor for life (no, not that life is a series of concussions). You take the opportunity you are given and you fight every single moment you have to fight.

As an Atlanta native, I feel for the Falcons. Now it is their turn to respond and fight back for next year.

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