The things we get offended by…

I was watching the Budweiser commercial last night; you know — the one that caused so many people to get so upset they were willing to boycott Budweiser beer (I do because I am not a particular fan of Bud and Bud Light, but I digress). The commercial seemed fairly benign — a guy comes over here from Germany, brews beer and makes a corporation that makes a product that helps Atlanta fans forget last night.
Bottom line, I didn’t get offended. I thought it was an OK commercial. I like the American Dream. Even if it does include Bud Light. (All the kegs in college were Bud Light — I just kind of got tired of it).

But I really seldom do get offended. I do get mad occasionally — I am a Ramsey after all. But I try not to allow something as unimportant as a commercial to unsettle me that much. Or a ballgame (well, maybe temporarily). This isn’t even a post about immigration. It’s just a reminder that we only have so much energy. And we have the God-given choice (free will) of choosing how to spend that energy. If you want to spend it being pissed off at a commercial that you feel like disagrees with you, that’s your choice. I prefer to be mad a other things — like not being able to find socks this morning and the ridiculousness of the Water Works Curve during rush hour.

We have the power to control how people and things make us feel. It’s something worthy of remembering.

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