The man on the turf

I was lying on my back on the turf as the rain fell into my face. I could hear it hitting the aluminum stands. The storms were off in the distance but the rain had started to fall. Most people would think I was an idiot. And to be honest, I thought I was an idiot at that particular moment. But I kept doing my sit-ups while holding the 12 pound weight. It was at the end of the hour and my heart had been beating over 160 beats a minute for the whole time. I thought about the health problems my parents and grandparents have/had. I thought about my nine-year-old. He needs a daddy. I did another sit-up and thought about my future. One more and I thought about my present. I thought about all the uncertainty I’ve faced for nearly a decade now. I thought of the stress I’ve been under — and that my family has faced. I thought of the moments that have made me angry. I thought of the moments my wife was upset. Pain pushed me off the turf as I did another sit-up. Rain fell into my eyes, making them sting. I thought of the liars. The people who cheated me and hurt my family. I did another sit-up. And then I thought about the person whose responsibility all of that was. He was lying on the turf getting rain in his face. He was overcoming obstacles and fighting through pain. I did another sit-up and thought about what personal responsibility really means. My stomach burned as the truth caused my heart to beat harder. I made sure I did my exercises properly. Because that’s where it starts. All of the challenges in life are on me. I must train to overcome them, not find blame. I must be strong for my wife and my children. I was on the turf, but I wasn’t staying there.

That’s why I workout in the morning. That’s why I train.

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