Romantical movies from the perspective of an old married guy

My friend Katie Eubanks wrote a great list of Valentine’s Day movies (check out So I figured I’d add a few from the perspective of a long-time married guy.

1. Empire Strikes Back.

Leia: “I love you.”
Han: “I know.”

Completely ad-libbed and the moment Leia avoided hooking up with her brother.

2. Titanic

Financially challenged Jack gets wealthy Rose to pose nekkid — but Rose won’t return the favor by moving over on the floating door. Jack turns into a popsicle. Rose throws big-ass diamond into the sea. The end. Her heart will go on.

3. Casablanca.

Bogie and Bergman says it all. Don’t believe me? “Of all the gin joints in the all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

4. Splash.

Tom Hanks falls for mermaid Daryl Hannah even though he has a seafood allergy.

5. Castaway

Another Tom Hanks classic. Forget Chuck’s undying love for Kelly and how it got it him through being stranded Gilligan style. Oh now — Chuck and Wilson the Volleyball is the best onscreen relationship of all time.

6. Jaws.

Shark sees man. Shark pursues man. Shark gets man in the end. (Man needed bigger boat.) Bruce and Captain Quint forever.

7. It’s a Wonderful Life

George Bailey and Mary. “You look older without your clothes on.” And she still married him. True love.

8. The Shining

I’ve met several married couples who get along like Jack and Wendy.

9. Top Gun.
Forget When Harry Met Sally. Meg Ryan’s heart will belong to Goose forever. RIP Goose.

10. Doc Hollywood

Mainly because it was the first date when I met my wife.

Honorable Mention:

Gone With The Wind

Vivien Leigh kissed Clark Gable even though he supposedly had horrible halitosis. Frankly my dear, she gave a damn.

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