Getting Your Mind Right

Mental mistakes. I made a ton of mental mistakes this morning. I guess my mind is on other things. But I screwed up a couple of times royally during my workout.


I don’t see or hear well while I train. We have loud music playing and I’m sans glasses when I workout. It’s why I don’t usually volunteer to be first. I kind of have to watch the person closest to me. But the #1 source of mistakes is when my mind floats off to something else. It could be something I have to do that day, a crisis I’m managing or even the next exercise. That’s when stuff starts going wrong — when I lose focus.

Doing a boot camp outside during the winter at 5 a.m is just as much about mental training as it is about physical training. Why? For a couple of reasons.

1. You have to learn to get your mind out of the way for your body to achieve. It’s a real skill set to be able to compartmentalize pain. I’m getting better at it. It’s how I got through my marathon with leg cramps. It’s how I kept drawing when my dad died.

2. You learn quickly to live in the moment. The past is past. The future is, well, in the future. All we have is that second. And when you train, you learn to focus on what you are doing. How many times do we daydream during the day. Focus.

I didn’t have a lot of focus this morning. But I was able to keep correcting myself and keep pushing forward. Now to do that for the rest of my day.

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