Living like Rickles

Don Rickles lived a long and fruitful life.

Let me repeat that last sentence with emphasis: Don Rickles LIVED a long and fruitful life.

The caustic comedian had another side to him when the cameras were off. He was a loyal husband, father and friend. And he was relevant until the day he died. His appearances on talk shows were funny. His stories about Frank Sinatra were hilarious. But he didn’t live in the past. He was truly planted in the present.

I have a big birthday this year. I’ve watched my own parents age and struggle at the end of their lives. Looking for role models to emulate for the rest of my life is important (Whether it be one day or 40 more years). So here you go. (Let’s call it the Don Rickles plan.)

1. Find humor in life.
2. Be a good father, husband and friend.
3. Live life in the moment (but tell funny stories about the past).
4. Be relevant until the very end.

Works for me, you hockey puck.

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