An update on Tropical Cyclone DumpAFlood

Potential Tropical Cyclone DumpAFlood is pushing its way toward the Louisiana Coast. Now I admit, there is a little bit of me that still has Katrina flashbacks, but DumpAFlood ain’t Katrina. But don’t let your guard down totally. It will be moist (a word I only use for brownies and Mississippi humidity). In fact, there is a good chance our neighbors to the South will see dangerous, flooding rain. That’s what the weather folks are saying.

Now, I know some of you are as skeptical about meteorologists as you are the Moon Landing and Elvis’ death. But all the computer models (as opposed to super models) have Louisiana in DumpAFlood’s cross hairs. You’re probably thinking, well cartoon boy, that means it ain’t hitting us. Ah, o contraire. The right side of a tropical system is the moist side (see, I used it again). That means it will be like being under a tongue in Mississippi. And the Gulf of Mexico is about to get dumped down on our heads.

Flooding is serious #$%. So stay weather aware. (I lived through a stalled tropical system dumping 25 inches on Conroe, Texas. That wasn’t a bucket of chuckles.)

Me? I’m stocking up on Little Debbie’s and toilet paper. Oh wait, this isn’t a snowstorm. Crap. I guess I’ll just get my rain boots ready and prepare for the storm.

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