In a peaceful Soybean Field

The victims of the KC-130 crash just traveled through town on their way to the airbase and then to their final resting places. People lined the route, some had American flags. We don’t know all of their identities yet, but the pictures I’ve seen so far made me think of America– or at least the best of America. Each was accomplished and each looked like our country. You see that when there are multiple casualties. All the headshots represent every geographic region, color, gender and religious affiliation. They are as different as our country is vast. But what they have in common are their uniforms — and the pledge to defend our nation. They wake every morning knowing there are risks. They willingly take them. When they take their oath, they write a blank check to our country. Sometimes that check is cashed — whether it is in an accident or in combat.

The 15 Marines and one Navy sailor got on that plane Monday just like they got on planes nearly every day. They didn’t think they’d face tragedy. They just woke up and did their jobs. That’s what they did — and that’s what we do.

A peaceful soybean field in the Delta was where their lives ended. As they head home, I say Godspeed. Thank you for your service. And may peace be with your families.

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