What went through my mind during this morning’s run

This is the crap I thought about while running this morning:

Love really isn’t like money. When you invest money, you expect a return. And when you give away money, you have less of it. When you invest your heart, you should expect nothing in return. And when you give it away, it does nothing but grow.

(As my right leg and back hurt) I really need to stretch more.

The biggest lie people tell is “I’m fine.”

This shirt really needs to be burned. It stinks.

People are so afraid right now.

That pothole was the size of a bus.

What am I going to draw about today?

Have I only gone a mile? Damn.

We live our lives one feeling to the next. There’s nothing logical about our brains.

This humidity is like a wet wool blanket.

People are all self-medicating one way or another. Some drink. Some shop. Some eat chocolate. We’re all trying to fill a God-shaped hole in one form or fashion.

I’m glad it is dark. I bet I look really stupid.

What can I do to be a better husband and father?

I really like this song.

Almost done with the run.

(As I gave at a couple of stars through the clouds). We really are insignificant in the scheme of things.

It’s dark. I hope the alligator isn’t on the bank again.

I’m grateful for another day.

I’m getting too old for this $%^#.

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