Friday Night Light’s power source

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I played high school football. It was an education in itself and has given me lots of skills — like being able to tell when it is going to rain. But it also taught me the value of teamwork, gave me the gift of resilience and showed me that even when you are down, you don’t quit until the clock says 0:00. Tonight I’ll be the speaker at Madison Central High School’s Playbook and Pearls event. I have about 15 minutes or so to talk — I need to make every second count.

Like my old high school coach (Coach John Paty) always used to tell us, “I need to get my mind right.”

So what will I say? Not sure yet. But I do know I’ll remind the parents how damn important they are to the success of their kids. Sure, I’ll be preaching to the choir. But the choir needs to know how important they are to the congregation’s spiritual well being!

For every football player, cheerleader, dance-team member, manager, band member and any other student out on the field on a Friday night, there is someone who loved them enough to get them there. Sit in the stands and you can feel the pride wash over you like a wave. That pride is the fuel that takes a kid to practice everyday, carts a student to the doctor when a bone needs to be x-rayed, propels a hand when writing a check or inspires a shift in the concession stand.

I wrote yesterday that I now understand why my dad loved watching me play football so much. It wasn’t just his love of the game. It was his love of me. I watch my kids passionately perform and my heart bursts out of my chest (and I don’t breath for 15-20 minutes, either!)

Soon, the lights will blaze brightly on Friday night. I hope parents remember how important they are in making that happen.

Maybe I’ll say this. I dunno. Whatever, I look forward to evening. And I won’t quit until the clock says 0:00.

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