Pip, the master of thunder

There’s a big bucket at Geyser Falls that repeatedly fills up and then dumps hundreds of gallons of water on your head. Mother Nature just did that at our house. We got .71 of an inch of rain in just a few minutes.

Right as the rain started, lightning struck nearby. And right behind it was a massive clap of thunder. The house shook and the dishes rattled. And Miss Pip was not pleased. She began barking loudly (and she is quite loud even on a normal day). It wasn’t that she was scared. She was just pissed off.

Banjo used to not really care much about storms. Then Katrina hit. He really wasn’t the same after that day (who was?). He’d shiver, freak out and make a weird little bark. We finally figured out what was bothering him so badly. We’d open the door and he’d pace in front of the boys’ rooms. He was the alpha dog and he was worried about his pack.

Pip’s way of dealing with storms is more confrontational. She will attack the evil thunder and scare it off by being louder than it. She’ll get lots of practice this week. Which is a good thing: A good guard dog much always stay at the top of her game.

The thunder will soon realize who is the boss.

P.S. The sun is now out. Welcome to Mississippi — if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.

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