A close encounter of the fur kind

It was five-dark-thirty this morning as I ran across the small bridge over the cove. The faint smell of skunk burned my nose. My senses were on alert — I was in no mood to meet Pepe LePew. Then something moved out of the corner of my eye. It was black! It was small! It had to be a….

I reversed direction quickly and bolted to safety.

But I had to make sure. So I quietly walked back toward the bridge. I saw the movement again but kept my distance. It was the small, black creature again. My heart rate raced — I had just missed being sprayed by a skunk!

Then I heard a meow.

It was a subtle reminder that our brains are liars and create stories on very few facts. I laughed, told Pepe’s girlfriend to tell him hello and I ran home (while looking for skunks.)

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