12 weeks. Twenty pounds to lose. A new bootcamp begins!

Today started another 12-week Paul Lacoste bootcamp session. For one hour beginning at 5 a.m., I burned 839 active calories and 1005 calories total. (Yes, I thought I was going to vomit a couple of times). My weight? Well, I’m starting the session at a portly 223 lbs. My goal weight is 205. It will be tough but I can do it. And I will — for four days a week for 12 weeks. (I will run the other three days).

I have 47 more workouts to reach my goal!

I’m in pretty good shape now — My blood pressure was 110/60. My resting heart rate is 50. Most of my weight is in muscle (except for a little bit of a gut.) I’m also cleaning up my diet. One of my weaknesses is that being part of the 4 a.m. Wake-Up Club means I’m also in the 9 a.m. Fall-Asleep-At-My-Desk Club, too. I will occasionally eat something sweet for cheap energy. That will have to cease this to reach my goal. (I picked the wrong decade to give up caffeine).

Soon we will be joined by doctors from Baptist, St. Dominic’s and UMMC. They will have a friendly completion to see which team can get into the best shape. My doctors can absolutely smoke me when it comes to running — I will run 14 miles with my cardiologist and he’ll look at me and say, “You passed your stress test!” I like getting health information from a healthy doctor!

I’ll tell my story here and the stories of some of the docs that I come across. I enjoy the bootcamp not only for the challenge but also the camaraderie. Friends inspire and push friends.

About the time the bootcamp ends, I’ll be bumping up on my 50th birthday (115 days from now). What I do for my health now will make a difference when I am 75 or 80. It’s not how long you live but how well you live. My goal is truly live until croak.

I didn’t croak this morning, though. And that is a good thing.

So it’s time to get this started…


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