A message for us all

“People are like oranges. You can tell what’s inside of them when they are squeezed.” Unknown

My favorite tweet from yesterday was from CNN’s Bill Weir. As his boat sailed past the owner of the Caribbean Club (scene of Bogey and Bacall’s “Key Largo”), he yelled out,

“You’re going to be back open?”

The owner, walking on his boat amongst debris, replied confidently, “We’re open right now buddy, absolutely. Anybody needs anything, come to the Caribbean club. We can take care of you. Also — all this stuff? It’s just material sh*t as long as everyone is alright. We can fix all of this stuff.”

At that point, Capt. Bam Bam (who was driving Weir’s boat) chimed in, “We’re going to rebuild and this sh*t ain’t going to keep us down for a minute.”

There wasn’t any victim-mentality going on there. They just got throat-punched by Irma’s wrath and were standing tall. No bitching. No whining. Just a determination to get to work and get life back online.

I learned more about how to handle a crisis in that 22-second clip than I have my whole life.

Nothing but respect.

Now I’m ready to vacation in the Keys and stop into the Caribbean Club. They can take care of you. And apparently, themselves.

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