Little tiny forts made of blocks of fear

People will fight you to the death to protect their own inadequacies and failures. And yes, I have a plank in my eye on this one. We all live in a dangerous place called a comfort zone and will build little forts to defend it (with great tenacity). Little forts built with blocks of fear. But forces outside of our control will destroy our forts. Or worse, the world will just pass us by.

A personal challenge for myself is to admit my own shortcomings and attack them head on, like a sailor daring to challenge the surf. My discomfort will be how I know I’m on the the right course. I pray for courage and energy to raise my sails and move forward.

I once knew someone who thought she was someone she wasn’t. She ended up alienating herself from even those who loved her the most because she was so determined to protect a false self-image. I’m not sure what caused her pain and broken self-esteem, but it ended up destroying her in the end.

She died alone defending her fort.

Instead, she should have used her great talent to sail into the open sea. The tragedy is that she truly could have been even greater than she thought she was — if she had just taken action.

She taught me a powerful lesson. I must check the plank in my eye and pull it out with all my strength.

It’s time to blow up my fort, move out of my comfort zone and set sail. I must make my journey one of serving those I love. Yes, I might get seasick. I might even wreck my ship. But it will be an adventure. That’s what what life should be all about.

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