Lesson from this morning’s workout

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day struggles that we don’t notice the world is changing around us. We’re like the frog who boiled in the pot — we think we’re comfy in a nice, warm hot tub (until it is too late). Bad things only happen to the other guy. Right?

Change is scary, particularly if you like your world as it is. For me, the struggle is to have enough energy to do the things I need to change AND to cover my daily routine. I know you feel the same way, too.

I’ve always admired the stories about single parents who work, take care of their kids’ needs and manage to earn their college degree. They are rock stars in my book. I’ve always wondered how they did it. I have to believe that focus is their secret sauce.

The ability to focus on your efforts is a valuable skill. You can thrash around in the water or you can swim. Both are hard work. Both will wear you out. One will save you.

Somedays I feel like I’m thrashing. I know I could do better. I know I need to review my priorities.

One of the greatest hinderances in my career has been situational awareness. I have allowed my pride to paint a rosier picture than what is true. I also have failed to admit that my #1 obstacle is my behavior. Like an orange, you don’t know what’s in you until you get squeezed.

So what did I get out of my workout this morning?

Ten steps to handle change:

1. Admit your weaknesses.
2. Set a goal and plan to address them. Stick to it.
3. Show up.
4. Don’t go through the motions.
5. Don’t allow fatigue to be your boss.
6. Focus on the moment, not what’s up next or what just happened.
7. Push into exercise (or whatever you’re doing) and don’t hold anything back.
8. Take pride in your accomplishments.
9. Catch your breath.
10. Rinse and repeat.

Fatigue and I are having a chat right now. But that’s OK. I have a plan for the moment and am working on a new one for the future. And that leads to hope — which gives me energy.

Happy Thursday! Thank you for reading.

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