A few notes from my brief career as Grand Marshal Marshall

A few notes from my brief career as Grand Marshal Marshall.

1. I rode in a bright red, new Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible. The 455 hp V-8 will propel the car from 0-60 in four seconds — and the only thing that kept me secure was clasping onto the car’s back with my butt cheeks. Thankfully we never got over a couple miles per hour. I did not fall off the car.

2. I made it goal to say “Merry Christmas” to nearly everyone (in groups) along the whole route. If it had been a drinking game (with eggnog, of course), I would have passed out by the first traffic light.

3. There were some really cute little kids along the route. A couple thought I was Santa (thanks to my hat). I said, “Well, I’m not that old, but I know you’re on the good list.” The parents would usually give me a knowing shake of the head and the proper look to go with it. Another young boys said, “There’s Mrs. Ramsey’s husband!” My celebrity knows no bounds.

4. I thanked as many people as I could for allowing me the honor of being their Grand Marshal Marshall.

5. My son was marching in his last Christmas parade behind me. That made being selected even more memorable. I got to get out at the end and see him march past. He had a harder chore, holding a baritone the whole time.

6. The weather was perfect. Cool, not cold or hot.

7. Saw many friends along the route. The best though, was seeing the look on my 10-year-old’s face when I went by. I offered him a chance to ride with me, but we didn’t slow down and I think he thought I was kidding. I did stand up and take a bow when I got to the judges stand. Maggie Wade Dixon, Kim Allen and Jan Michaels did a great job judging the floats.

8. Someone asked me why Pip didn’t come. She would have barked the whole route. Loudly. And probably would have gone after a dog or two along the way. She can be a brat sometimes.

9. The low-fuel light came one (a V-8 Camaro gets thirsty when driving in first gear). I figured I’d have to push. We made it with no problems.

10. It was fun. People were smiling and having a great time. I had a great time. Sadly, though, it had to end. I asked Amy if I could continue being called Grand Marshal Marshall. She said no. After my Camaro went away, I turned back into a pumpkin and went home and raked my yard.

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