The Event

Syringe_with_needle_and_needle_cap-1I’ve never said “thank you” after being stuck by a needle.  But I did last Friday. Let me tell you why.

The nurse made taking my blood an event.

OK, you’re asking me, “What do you mean by an event, Marshall?”

In the five minutes I was in the room with her, my nurse was 1. Pleasant. 2. Professional. 3. Courteous — and here’s the most important part — 4. Did such  good job drawing blood that I didn’t feel the needle go in.

She was a pro. She was darn good at her job. And she made a normally icky situation almost bearable.

We all should make our jobs “events.” We should do what we do so well that all around us don’t feel stuck.

That’s what I’m aiming for today. That’s my goal.


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