Doing things out of love

My son recently spent a little time down at the Mississippi Capitol. He and his older brother are politically aware (wonder how that happened) and I enjoy their views on the world. One morning, while we were driving to the Capitol, he was telling me a devotional he attended one morning before the Session gaveled in. The speaker, giving a message every politician should hear, said that we should do things out of love, not fear and greed. My son and I talked about that for a few moments and I told him about some examples of people I know who do both. Then we went through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru to get his breakfast. There is one particular lady who always is kind and friendly when you pull up to get your food. That day wasn’t an exception and as we pulled away, I smiled and told her to stay out of trouble. She laughed and we did, too. It was a bright spot of the day.

My son then said, “She always does things out of love.” I smiled and nodded. And was glad he had the wisdom to recognize it.

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