An awkward silence

For the past few years, my phone has gone off at least once a day with crisis about my parents’ health. Today, it sits next to me silent. Being 400 miles away, there were some days I felt helpless. (Have I mentioned how grateful I am for my sisters? Let me tell you again.) I didn’t realize how much bandwidth that had taken up — I’m truly amazed my brain has been able to be as creative as it has been.

Now I’ve entered the stage in life where I will miss my parents. When I want to talk to them, I’ll just have one-way conversations. But gosh, I had them in my life for so long. I’m so fortunate I was able to know them as an adult. I got to see their strengths and their flaws. And it helped me understand mine so much better. There is a lot of celebration to go with any mourning.

I’m taking a little time off to unwind and try to make sense of everything. I’ve got to pick up all the stuff that fell through the cracks. My life and career have changed so much — I need to play a little catch up. Now it is time for me to focus my energy 1000% on my own nuclear family. I need to get my brain back online.

Thank you for your kind words over the past few days. I am a truly blessed man.

P.S. My mother’s 1970’s helmet of hair is epic.

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