The 30+ Club

Nationally, 5% of students who take the ACT get a 30 or higher. Five percent.

Yesterday, I had the honor of witnessing 115 Madison Central High School students walk across the stage and be recognized for being in that 5%. One hundred and fifteen sophomores, juniors and seniors. In fact, the seniors in the room made up 15% of their class.

Something at that school is going right.

I know politicians have a zillion I ways to “fix” education (some of ideas are more like “fixing” a cat.). But dang, you’d think people would say, “What is going on here and what can we do to replicate this?

It’s a question worth asking.

But until someone asks it, I will just say this: I was damn proud of the kids in that room. I also was happy for the parents who are going to get a good chunk of their kid’s college paid for — the pride and the relief hung in the air. And I congratulate the school for celebrating their scholars in that way.

Student’s hard work + parental support + community caring = educational success. I have nothing but respect.

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