A Marriage Is Like A Book

A marriage is like a book. Some end happily. Others end only a few pages in. Its contents are written by two people who change throughout the story. Sometimes they end up on the same page — other times, well, that’s when stuff gets divided and tears flow. People from the outside try to tell the story for the writers, but honestly, they are the only two people who can tell it. The setting sometimes changes over time. The plot is linear and ever-changing. It’s illustrated with joy, tears, laugher and occasional anger.

Amy and I are now 24 chapters into our book. There have been great moments and not-so-great moments. We’ve tested “for better or worse,” several times. I know there have been days when she has been sick of me. And there have been days when I’ve been smart enough to keep my mouth shut (and other days when my mouth has been my worst enemy.) We started as the two main characters. Now we are the supporting cast to three new characters. They are currently the stars of our story.

I’ll never review another person’s story critically — I know how hard it is to write. Yet I will tell everyone who’ll listen that I’ve been lucky. I picked a great co-author. She, thankfully, has agreed to continue writing the remaining chapters with me.

How will it end? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I hope the last chapter ends with these six words: “And they lived happily ever after.”

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