The Lesson of 9/11

College freshmen don’t remember 9/11.

I know, mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Sixteen years is a long time ago — but those of us who do remember it have burning scars today. I look at my “United We Stand” cartoon and see it yellowing and crumbling around the edges. It’s easy to say, “But Marshall, we’re not like that anymore.”

Maybe. Lord knows you can read social media and believe that. There are some yahoos who are screaming we’re headed toward a second civil war.

But I will say this: The lessons learned after 9/11 apply today.

The same courage first responders demonstrated on 9/11 was seen after Katrina. We’ve recently watched it in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Florida is experiencing that now, too.

Strangers are helping strangers.

Sure, it sucks that it takes a disaster for us to realize we’re all in the same boat together. Yet we do come around. Yeah, there are a few a-holes who loot and scam the system. And yes, it is sexy to focus on them. But overall, we do the right thing. That gives me a glimmer of hope.

9/11 was horrible. But we came together as a country for a brief moment. That appeals to the cynic in me. And it gives me strength to cry BS when someone tries to divide us based on fear.

Never forget. But if you do, remember — when things get bad, we get good.

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