Friday the 13th: My “lucky” day

Today’s Friday the 13th. I had a black cat run out in front of me — and when he saw me, he ran back the other direction in fear. I’ve never been a “lucky” guy. But then again, I also believe that you mostly make your own luck. Maybe I’m just lazy. I don’t know.

I did win some aluminum coat hangers at an Alcoa retiree picnic while playing bingo once. I guess I was lucky then. I didn’t win the Pulitzer the two times I was a Finalist — although I was going up against really great competition. That goes back to me making my own luck. Slot machines are money vacuums for me. I have never won the lottery (you haven’t either). I’d be happy to get two numbers. I guess the fact that three doctors missed my melanoma means I am lucky to still be here, although I contribute that to a God moment.

I have a purpose now.

Sometimes I feel unlucky. I grew up in the 1970’s being a Tennessee and Braves fan. But both eventually won championships. I grew up and figured I have no control over sporting events.

I’m lucky to still get to draw cartoons. But I that involves making my own luck, too. I know I’m lucky you’re there to read them. Thank you.

So today, I won’t push my luck (except for having two speeches back to back 66 miles apart). I won’t walk under any ladders and I’ll hold onto my lucky rabbit’s foot (the rabbit was VERY unlucky.)

So happy Friday 13th! May you the luck be with you.

P.S. I am very lucky Amy agreed to marry me. And I’m very very lucky we have three great boys. But I give Amy the credit on both counts.

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