Fit2Fat2Fit Blog: Day 6

Fit2Fat2Fit Blog: Day 6
Weight: 223

This isn’t a post about my grand accomplishments on the field of battle this morning. No, it’s about something different — and more important.

We gathered at the end of our workout and some of the rookies got up and told their stories. And to a person, their stories were powerful. And I think that is important. In this age of painting groups with a broad brush strokes, we need to remember every person has a story. Now sometimes, they won’t be very pretty. But that’s the point. We all struggle. And the person next to us is probably struggling harder than we are. We just don’t know it. We may not have asked. We may have already stereotyped them. We may just be concerned about the man we see in the mirror.

I sat in the back of the group today listening and being inspired. To a person, they all got past their fear of change and are now doing the work. I ran off the field impressed with several of my teammates.

Some stories in the news lately have me quite concerned. I can’t do a damn thing about them. But what I can do is work my butt off and make my family’s situation better. I can work hard on the football field. I can work hard at the drawing board. I can work hard at the microphone. I can work hard in front of the camera. I can use the energy I would have used for complaining and worrying to make my world better. And have some left over.

Everyone has a story. And when you have enough energy left, you can help them make their stories better, too.

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